Cacao harvest season change in Honduras

Cacao harvest season change in Honduras

Honduran cocoa production is generally distributed during 10 months of the year from September to June, with two marked peaks of high production in the months of March and October. However, this year, this behavior has changed, since the first peak of cocoa production was in May. According to the testimony of Juan Miguel Aguilera, producer of the COPROASERSO cooperative in the Jutiapa sector, in the Caribbean area, states that “cocoa production is high in this month of May due to the fact that in the last months of 2019 there was drought and the plantation did not flower at that time of year, but until the beginning of 2020, which made the production move to this time ”. Manuel Nuñez, the Manager of the COPROASERSO cooperative, mentioned the following to us regarding cocoa production:

The producers have not felt affected by this, since what has happened is the peak of production was delayed, to which Don Luis Barahona, producer of the COPRACAJUL Cooperative, said “we hope this does not affect because only that the peak of Production went from March to May, and this has rather favored us, since due to COVID-19 the month of March did not work, but there was no cocoa ”.

The technicians of Chocolats Halba Honduras, mentioned that so far it is not expected that there will be a drop in production, since the production volumes at this time are very good, and the weather conditions are now very good with enough rains. With this, production in October and November is expected to be very good.

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