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We continuously train our farmers in the conversion of their plantations into sustainable agroforestry systems. Currently, the farmers cultivate cocoa in combination with timber trees such as mahogany or cedar.
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Cocoa farmers and we work with them in true long-term partnerships

News from the cocoa sector

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How Honduran cacao found an opportunity in the crisis

The popular adage “an opportunity from the crisis” summarizes the case of the industry and producers of organic and fair trade cocoa in Honduras who have seen the demand for their product from Switzerland increase by 30%, in the context

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News Chocolats Halba

Cacao harvest season change in Honduras

Honduran cocoa production is generally distributed during 10 months of the year from September to June, with two marked peaks of high production in the months of March and October. However, this year, this behavior has changed, since the first peak

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News Chocolats Halba

The hidden treasure among the cocoa fields

Among the cocoa plantations there is a hidden treasure that producers and consumers are just beginning to discover thanks to the research “Nutritional Value of Foods Produced in the Pilot Cocoa Plots under the Dynamic Successional System (DAF)”. This research

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